Walking and the Alexander technique

How do you walk? Do you ever think about it? It’s quite a balancing act . We all start to walk at about 1- 1 1/2 years old usually with the odd fall along the way. It is very helpful to notice how you walk start being aware of what you do.

So this is what to do :-

Stop Inhibit and Direct.

Expand awareness around you, feel your feet on the ground. Think up your body.

Notice which leg you usually start with – and try starting with the other one.

Fall into a walk – lead with the top of your forehead.

Swing your arms as if you are power walking.

Twist the upper part of your body not your pelvis

Think of the diagonal connection – your left arm and your right leg go forward at the same time. If you swing your arms faster your legs automatically move faster!

Look ahead, not down on the ground.

Use your peripheral vision and think behind you.

When you turn, move the head first look at something ahead like a curious child and allow your body to follow head leads body follows.

Use your senses feel the wind on your face smell the flowers and hear the rustle of the leaves.

Enjoy walking and moving your body.