1/2 day workshop with 3 Army bands

I taught the Alexander Technique to 21 soldiers who are members of 3 Army bands. Namely The Band of the Royal Armoured Corps, The Band of the Corps of the Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers and the Reme Band. The Alexander Technique is taught worldwide in Music Colleges e.g Royal School of Music to help avoid creating pain when playing, improve technique and quality o f playing, having more stage presence and connecting with the audience, gain more control of breathing, and help performance nerves.

The first part of the workshop was looking at the Principles of the Technique in a experiential , practical fun way including Inhibition and Direction, Primary Control and Expanded Awareness

Playing with Kosh balls being aware of your body and maybe deciding not to catch. Making eye contact as you throw and catch.

Everyone lay in semi supine and found it very beneficial as it helped them relax and ease any back ache.

Semi supine .

We then looked at how people stand or sit when playing their instruments which included a bass trombone, trombones, bugles, trumpets, saxophones, clarinets, electric guitars, tuber, and a flute .

Playing a bugle

Comments about the workshop:-

Great workshop . Lots to think about and do. Thank you.

I feel relaxed. Have a greater understanding of how my body works.

It was helpful to be conscious of how I move standing and sitting. I found it beneficial having corrections to my posture whilst standing holding my instrument.