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My 6 week Skeeby Village hall Courses

I have taught three 6 week Alexander Technique courses in Skeeby Village Hall since November 2018 with a lovely group of people.

What do I teach in a course. To start with we look at the Principles of the technique in a very practical and experiential way. How aware are you when you move your body ? We walk and use our senses expanding awareness around us. We stand and see how gravity goes through you. What happens when you stand and sit?

I have studied the Eyebody Method and the Bates Method for Natural Vision so I bring eyework into my courses. We went outside and did sunning in the sunshine and palming then we did some drawing being aware of our eyes. How you use your eyes affects your body and your posture.

We did semi supine most weeks which helps you look after your spine and discs, de-stresses you, relieves backache and more.

Another week we looked at spirals. Groups of muscles which connect through our bodies as we move. We have groups of muscles which connect opposite limbs as well as around the torso.

Another week we crawled which helps backache and is fun !

Why not come along to my next course which is a Day Course at Old Sleningford Farm near Ripon on Saturday 18th May or 3-7 th June I my Residential Alexander Technique and Walking Course in Grasmere. My next Skeeby Course will be in September.

To book please contact Hilary mob.