Individual sessions, 6 week and day courses and presentations

Alexander Technique covering North Yorkshire, County Durham and Teesside. 

What Do I Offer: 

Individual sessions

I work at The Alexander Studio in Skeeby near Richmond which is located 2 miles from Scotch Corner.

The Alexander Technique is taught on a one to one basis so that I can address individual needs.The first session starts with me taking down a brief medical history,  looking at your lifestyle and assessing your posture. I will help you to release unhelpful muscle tension by gentle hands on guidance and verbal instruction.

I have studied the Eyebody Method as well as the  Bates Method  which naturally help you improve your vision. I bring this eyework into my Alexander Technique  teaching.

In activities such as :-

standing and sitting, bending, working at a computer, playing an instrument, going for a walk.

For comfort it is recommended that you wear ordinary loose fitting clothing such as trousers or a tracksuit.


First session 1 hour 60

Subsequent sessions  3/4 hour  £45 

or 1/2 hour  £30 

Evening and Saturday morning sessions are available by arrangement

  Payment method : cash, cheque or BACS transfer. The number of sessions you have can be discussed with me and depends on your particular needs and goals.

6 Week Courses

These courses can be Introductory and are held at Skeeby Village Hall or the Alexander Studio in Skeeby.

Alexander Technique weekend course

Introductory Day Courses

These are held at Old Sleningford Farm, North Stainley near Ripon.

These courses are Introductory and can be specific to activities such as walking, yoga and horse riding.  I also run courses in offices.

 Presentations to Medical Professionals, groups, societies and clubs

I have given talks and presentations to WI groups, the Yorkshire Country Women ‘s Association and Physiotherapists and Occupational Therapists at several hospitals in North Yorkshire and County Durham.

To book a session, a course or to arrange your own course or presentation