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How is your head balancing on your spine?

Notice how your head is balancing on top of your spine imagine it’s like a ping pong ball just floating.

Look straight at a mirror then  put a finger in the hollow at the back of  each ear and slowly nod your head. Notice where the movement is happening, this is your head neck joint. If this joint is tight it will affect your overall use, the way you move. Imagine space in the joint and fill it with oil. Doing this regularly will help you get more awareness of the atlanto occipital joint (head neck joint).

Alexander technique Summer School 2015


Alexander Technique weekend course
Group of alexander technique pupils lying in semi supine

Saturday 8th – Sunday 9th August 2015
10am – 4pm each day to be held at
Skeeby Village Hall, Skeeby,
Richmond, North Yorkshire DL10 5DX

Come along and explore a deeper way of connecting with yourself learning how our thoughts can interfere or enhance your natural poise. We will explore our skeleton through anatomy and movement discovering a more accurate map of ourselves. In addition we will look at the principles of the Alexander Technique in a practical and experiential way helping you to improve your posture, de-stress, ease back ache as well as moving with less effort and tension.

The course will be related to everyday activities and will include going for a walk (weather permitting). Each student will have one individual 15 minute lesson. The course is suitable for teachers, trainee teachers, students with some experience of the technique and beginners.

For further information about the Summer School, accommodation in the Richmond area and to book a place please contact Hilary.