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Do you have backache? Are you stressed?

Worried about your posture? Do you have tired eyes?

Then come along to a practical , experiential course to learn how to ease backache, de-stress and relax your eyes helping improve your posture and vision.


10 am to 11.30 am

Book for the course cost £80

Drop in spaces subject to availability £15/week

Payment by cash or BACS at the time of booking.

Bring along a mat and a few paperback books and wear loose fitting clothes trousers or leggings. Also bring a bottle of water.

This course is suitable for everyone from beginners to students who have some experience of the Alexander Technique

6 WEEK Introductory Alexander technique and VISION COURSE

Following on from two successful Alexander Technique and Vision Courses I am delighted to offer another course.

Do you have backache ? Are you stressed? Worried about your posture ? Do you have tired eyes from wearing glasses?

Then come along to a practical and experiential Introductory Alexander Technique and Vision Course to help you learn how to ease backache, de-stress and relax your eyes helping you improve your posture and vision

A 6 week course starts on Tuesday 11th January 2022

at Skeeby Village Hall Skeeby, Richmond

10 am -11.30 am.

Cost £75 payable at time of booking

Please bring along a mat, a few thin paperback books and a bottle of water.

Alexander Technique ,Vision and our other senses

Do you ever notice your eyes ? Probably only if they are achey , feel dry or maybe if your vision is blurry.

Do you expect to have 20/20 clear vision all of the time ? If you just stop and think about it this is unreasonable. If you have an illness, are very tired or stressed why should you have 20/20 clear vision. Your eyes are part of your body. You cannot expect to have clear vision all of the time.

Start noticing what you are seeing. Your eyes want you to consciously see what you are looking at not think about something else. look at the photo of the roses really notice each leaf and the petals of each flower. It is very easy not to look at the details of what you are looking at. At the same time be aware of your body, your feet on the ground and your surroundings.

Blurry vision happens when the eye muscles are stressed and when this happens people get their eyes tested and they get some glasses. Your eyes then rely on the glasses and the following year you will probably have to have stronger glasses.

Would you like to change this and work towards weaker glasses or even get rid of glasses? To start with only wear your glasses when you really need them. Notice if you have the habit of putting them on every morning without even thinking do I need to wear them. Obviously only do this in a safe place and not when driving. Notice if there is a change in your vision. It may be blurry to start with but this may change over time.

It is also important to use all of our senses seeing, hearing, touch, taste and smell. It is helpful to be aware of all of them. No one sense is more important than another. When you go for a walk be aware of your body moving, feel your feet on the ground and expand awareness all around you. Also feel the wind on your face, see the leaves on the trees, hear the birds sing and smell the flowers.In the Alexander Technique we call this the means whereby being fully present being aware of our body, our senses and our surroundings.