Alexander Technique

I will be returning to Old Sleningford Farm near Ripon to run an Alexander Technique Day Course on 18th May 2019.

I am delighted to announce the dates for my Alexander Technique and  Walking Course    to be held in Grasmere in the heart of the beautiful Lake District.  It will run from 3rd to 7th June 2019.

Do you get backache sitting at a computer or neck ache using a mobile but don’t know how to sort out the problem? Are you stressed and nothing seems to help? Are you worried about your posture but don’t know how to improve it?

Look no further as with my qualifications and experience as an Alexander Technique teacher I can help you identify and start changing the harmful postural habits that are interfering with your natural poise and posture. Learn how to be poised and move with ease.

The Alexander Technique helps  muscle tension and stiffness, back, neck and joint pain, poor posture, breathing and vocal problems, anxiety and stress related conditions and rehabilitation after surgery or injury. It is taught in drama and music colleges worldwide as well as used by athletes, horse riders and in pregnancy.

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Hilary Cook I offer one to one sessions at The Alexander Studio in Skeeby near Richmond which has easy access being located only 2 miles from  Scotch Corner (junction of A1 and A66 ).

”Hilary Cook is an excellent teacher who has helped me tremendously with my lower back pain. Her lessons are interesting, stimulating and fun. Hilary’s manner is thoroughly professional. I would recommend her as a teacher of the Alexander Technique.” Sarah S.

I also offer 6 week,  Day courses  as well as Residential Courses and presentations to Medical groups,  local groups and businesses.


Scientific research has shown that the Alexander Technique is beneficial for chronic low back pain, neck pain and Parkinsons’.

Whatever activity you are doing  you can feel more poised, balanced, calmer and confident. Anyone from children to the elderly can benefit from the Alexander Technique

 Helping you maintain your well being in a natural way, working to alleviate pain, improve your poise and performance.

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